Enrich The Power of Biomass Waste
To End Microplastics

Bio-based, water-degradable, home compostable,
and cheaper than conventional plastic

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Ending Microplastics with Waste

We upcycle plant leftovers of food production and paper-making process and engineer them to replace microplastics in the paper packaging, home care products, and many more.

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Unprecedented Innovation

The first scalable bio-based replacement of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). No more fossil fuel derived materials in our daily products such as detergent and laundry pods, paper takeaway boxes, food packaging, textile, and many more.

About Mi Terro's Technology


  • Our patented biomaterial is USDA Bio-based Certified, leaving no microplastics in our environment. Furthermore, we valorize second-generation biomass wastes to avoid food and land-use conflicts.

Variety of Applications

  • Detergent pods

  • Food packaging

  • Paper Coating Barriers

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