Mi Terro's journey began when our founder Robert Luo visited his uncle's dairy farm in 2018. Robert was shocked to see buckets and buckets of sour and spoiled milk sitting in the farm. His uncle was frustrated and asked Robert for help. After returning home, Robert started researching ways to solve this problem.

Mi Terro wants reducing food waste to be as easy as putting on a great shirt. That's why we worked tirelessly to make sure our food waste never goes to landfill again. Instead, they become our most favorable and comfortable shirts in the closet.

With quality always preceding quantity, our brand continues to gain inspiration from around the world, with our valued customers held in the highest regard.

As we grow, we strive to remember where we've been and who we are as a company. Innovation and sustainability will always be our core value. We reinvests in our products in the hope of creating a better tomorrow.