THE SPB GLOBAL CORPORATION and Mi Terro collaborate to develop a natural film for water-soluble capsules


  • The Valencian company and the US start-up have recently signed a collaboration agreement to continue research into this type of sustainable alternatives.
  • The process is well underway and is showing satisfactory results, although it is still in its early stages.

With the aim of developing new innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of water-soluble capsule film, sustainable technology start-up Mi Terro and THE SPB GLOBAL CORPORATION have signed a Joint Development Agreement to further explore the first possible bio-based alternative solution to PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) on the market that reduces the need for fossil-based materials in packaging.

Although the process is at a rather early stage, the results obtained are very positive. Mi Terro‘s focus on sustainability, and SPB‘s expertise and extensive production and manufacturing capabilities are the keys to the success of this project and the fruitful progress being made in the laboratory.

SPB is firmly committed to Innovation and Sustainability. And this project combines both objectives. This type of development allows us to improve our value proposition to the consumer.

Eva Giner, Innovation Manager of THE SPB GLOBAL CORPORATION

Together, they are making a strong commitment to the environment, sending a simple message: profit and planet can, and should, go hand in hand. Thanks to their commitment to sustainable practices in the industry and the effort and time put in by both parties, the project is going from strength to strength.

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