Mi Terro 2022 Q2 Report

Hi Mi Terro family, 

The summer is here and we hope this message finds you in a place in the world where you can finally reconnect in person with your loved ones.

We're delighted to use this moment of your attention to share some bright news of Mi Terro's 2022 Q2 achievements.
We completed the 100+ Accelerator Demo Day in New York City. Unilever's VP of Procurement Sudeep Banerjee announced the successful pilot with Mi Terro on the stage. We are excited for the next stage of our partnership and look forward to scale-up our first-of-its-kind technology with one of the world’s leading companies. Watch the video here.

This incredible collaboration also led our CEO Robert to speak at the Unilever Partner with Purpose Connect event. He attended a fireside chat with Unilever’s Chief Procurement Officer Dave Ingram. It was a pleasure to share Mi Terro's story with more than 1,000 Unilever partners from across 500 companies. Watch the video here.

From thousands of applicants worldwide, Mi Terro was chosen as the winner of the Advanced Materials Category of the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 (XTC), the world’s largest startup competition focused on purpose-driven innovation. Read the news here

Fun fact, our CEO Robert met the one and only Bill Gates at the backstage of the XTC 2022 Global Finals at UC Berkeley. It’s moments like this which inspire us to keep pushing forward!

After months of third party testing and validation, we finally received the USDA Certified Biobased Product label. This is a big news because Mi Terro Pacbeer is the world's first thermoplastic protein pellet made from agricultural waste.

Turning waste-to-value biomaterials will be the future of a plastic-free world. We are contributing to an ever-expanding marketplace that adds value to renewable agriculture commodities, creates jobs in rural communities, and decreases our reliance on petroleum.

The final, surprising and interesting news, is that Mi Terro has been selected to join Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change. We are excited to partner with experts from Google on incorporating AI/ML into our development of the futuristic biomaterials! Read the news here.

We truly believe our ability to manipulate nature's most diverse and abundant building blocks is going to change the way we think about sustainability.

There is no blueprint for what we're building or map for where we are going - creating the future is as exciting as it is challenging, but we're excited to have you join us as we take each step. 

As we prepare for the next round of fundraising, we are eager to find more partners who share the same mission and values as we do.



Mi Terro Team

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