Mi Terro Is Turning One Year Today! What Have We Done?

November 14th, 2018 – This is when Mi Terro officially came into existence as a company. It’s been one year, and we’ve made great strides since then. With a goal to Make Earth Green Again, we’ve been working tirelessly to learn about our environment, eco-friendly materials, and the solutions we can provide.

At the time, we wanted Mi Terro to be the Tesla of fashion – our goal was to be as innovative and environmentally friendly as possible. We wanted to roll out the most unique products that were of the highest quality.

What started as a dream was manifested through countless hours of research and hard work. We started with the conception of a duffle suitcase made from cork. We hand-drew over 50 designs until we had it just the way we wanted the best looking and performing duffle suitcase to look like.

Soon enough, we were up on social media, and we were in talks with over 20 manufacturers to develop our product, with the most exquisite feel. Once we got our hands on the prototype, we launched our Kickstarter for the duffle suitcase in February 2019. Although we set a goal of $3,000, which we expected to be a real challenge, we generated close to $14,000 by the time our Kickstarter was over. We participated in the New Venture Seed Competition at USC in April 2019 and placed in top 5 out of 220 teams.

When Robert traveled to his uncle’s dairy farm in the summer of 2018, he learned about milk waste. We decided to take the matter into our hands. Once again, we traveled around the world to find a solution. We spoke with dozens of manufacturers and suppliers, but most of them couldn’t meet our requirements. As a result, we recruited a team of Ph.D. material scientists and professors to turn milk waste into a fiber. Our milk fiber is sustainable, super soft, and high-quality. We created the world’s first shirt made from milk waste and launched our milk shirt on Kickstarter in August 2019. Over the course of our Kickstarter, we were featured on publications like Forbes, Vogue, Business Insider, Yahoo, New Atlas, and so much more. Since then, we have sold to customers from 40 countries worldwide. Our milk shirt was another big hit!

We learned a lot about where we should take Mi Terro, through our Kickstarter and the feedback we were receiving. We decided it’s best to pivot from being a general “green-fashion” brand to a green lifestyle and technology that reuses food waste. We’ve also greatly reshaped our brand identity, brand attitude, and theme. Our milk shirt was just the beginning and we’re already experimenting with many other ways that milk waste can apply, such as bedding, car seat, and packaging film.

There’s so much for us to accomplish and we’re incredibly excited. This is just the beginning and we hope you’re excited for all that we have in store! It’s been a year and Mi Terro has come a long way. Thank you so much for all your support and we will not stop until we truly Make Earth Green Again!

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