End of Discount. Begin of Wholehearted Care.

Black Friday was one of the biggest times for shopping in the year because of how many discounts were offered. It puzzled us just how much companies are willing to drop their prices yet still claimed to offer high-quality and sustainable products. 

We do not have infinite resources, yet the system continues to persuade us all that we need to constantly buy more of everything. People around the world were protesting over environmental concerns and consumer culture. Our team has been putting a lot of thought into this matter and we’ve decided that Mi Terro will NO longer offer discounts in the future. Instead of lowering the price, we want to increase our contribution to sustainability and building an eco-minded business. 

What we are committed to do:

1) Plant More Trees

We partner with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 15 trees instead of 10 trees for every purchase. We are 100% supporting global reforestation. 

2) Only Partner With Eco-Conscious Businesses

Not only do we want to be as eco-conscious as possible but also making sure our partners do the same. We only want to work with sustainable businesses and farms that practice regenerative farming. Regenerative farming increases the soil's water-holding capacity, stops soil erosion, protects the purity of groundwater and sets up the conditions for crops to become more disease and pest resilient. 

3) Use Recycled Materials For Packaging

We use recycled cardboard boxes to create our packaging materials. No plastic whatsoever.

recycled cardboard boxes packaging


Every little thing we do is about making our planet green again. If you have a recommendation on how we can become more eco-friendly, please free feel to contact us. We are here to learn.



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